The Lucky Mill - by Loan Slavici - PDF novel

The lucky mill 

The lucky mill

The Lucky Mill is about peasant life in remote mountainous regions of Transylvania, where the modern rule of law conflicts with ancient customs. "Big Men", or Chieftains, who manage to roam pig herds in the woods, rule over the local peasants with impunity, stealing and murdering. 

They are immune from the law, which exists for the benefit of the powerful (whom the Chieftains work for), while the peasants live by ancient codes of honour. It's the kind of story any poor person living today in Iraq or Afghanistan or Chechnya would immediately connect with, but is probably remote to modern readers living in a society governed securely by law. 

The story is effective at conveying the feeling of oppressive fear in ones own home, of being trapped and forced into a degrading situation and unable to do anything about it, with no one but yourself to protect your interests. The protagonists take on epic qualities, it is easy to forget they are men of little consequence and power beyond what they create by playing "the game"

The evil character, a dashing Transylvanian swine herder, has a dark and brooding blood-lust, animal sexuality, that gives the story punch, it's easy to see how Bram Stoker found inspiration in this part of the world for his most famous character.

Review by stbalbach

 book details :
  • Author : Loan Slavici 
  • Publication date "1919
  • Company: New York, Duffield

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