The battle of the strong - by Gilbert Parker - PDF novel

The battle of the strong

The battle of the strong

The Battle of the Strong is an 1898 novel by Gilbert Parker. It was first published in serial format in The Atlantic Monthly starting in January 1898, and as a single volume late in the same year. 

It was ranked as the tenth-highest best selling book overall in the United States for 1898 and appeared as high as Number 2 on the monthly bestseller list published in The Bookman in early 1899.

The book is set in the Channel Islands, primarily during the period 1781-95, and opens with an attempted invasion of Jersey by France in the Battle of Jersey. 

Note from the book:
A list of Jersey words and phrases used herein, with their English or French equivalents, will be found at the end of the book. It has been thought better to print only the words which are pure French in italics. The Norman and patois words are printed as though they were English, some of them being quite Anglicised in Jersey. For the sake of brevity I have spoken of the Lieutenant-Bailly throughout as Bailly; and, in truth, he performed all the duties of Bailly in those days when this chief of the Jurats of the Island usually lived in England. An old and rare map of Jersey has been reproduced, as also Mr Ouless's engraving of Copley's famous picture, " The Battle of Jersey," now in the National Gallery.

book details :
  • Author: Gilbert Parker
  • Publication date:1903
  • Company: London Methuen

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