Teach Yourself Chemistry- by G. Bruce Macalpine - PDF (1946)

Teach Yourself Chemistry

Teach Yourself Chemistry

In offering the Second Edition of ''Teach Yourself Chemistry,” the opportunity has been taken to overhaul the text thoroughly and to add to it six specially-written chapters of completely fresh matter. It will be noticed that a good deal of attention has been paid to what is frequently called Organic Chemistry. 

No apology is offered (except to the printer) for the introduction of numerous chemical formulas since the present writer believes that those who are interested enough to wish to read such a book as this will expect to find such things in it.

It is hoped that the information contained in this book may prove of some assistance in introducing readers to a more serious study of chemistry. There are many excellent textbooks for those wishing to learn more of the theory of the subject, and the services of the local Public Library should be enlisted in this connection. The chemist, however, is essentially a practical worker, and instruction in practical chemistry is only to be had in the laboratories of schools, technical colleges, and universities.

In compiling the present work, many books, large and small, were consulted. In particular, much of the information in Chapter XVII was derived from a booklet “The Vitamins, an Epitome of Contemporary Knowledge ”, published by The Crookes Laboratories (British Colloids, Ltd.), to whom grateful thanks are tendered.


I. Atomic Theory • 17 II. Chemical Nomenclature. 28 III. Characters of Chemical Action. 44 IV. Water. 4, - 51 V. The Atmosphere. • 59 VI. Oxidation and Combustion. 66 VII, Carbon and its Oxides • 73 VIII. The Distillation of Coal. 89 IX. Sulfur and Chlorine. 97 X. Nitrogen and Phosphorus. no XI. Chemistry of the Rocks. 117 XII. Iron and other Metals. 124 XIII. Carbon and its Compounds. 138 XIV. Synthetic Products. 159 XV. Food .... 172 XVI. Digestion and Respiration. 188 XVII, The Vitamins. 197 XVIII, Chemistry of Photography • 210 XIX. Classification of the Elements. 226 Index ..... 237 XV

the book details :
  • Author: G. Bruce Macalpine
  • Publication date: 1946

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