The personal atmosphere- by Frank C. Haddock - PDF ebook

The personal atmosphere: ten studies in poise and power

The personal atmosphere

This little book is a reprint of a chapter bearing the same title which appeared in the first edition of “Power of Will.” The chapter seemed a trifle out of place and was omitted from the second edition of that work. It is now given separate existence. 

Revision of its pages brought out from all directions a mass of suggestions and new material which might have swollen the volume to a much larger form. The original purpose of a small book, however, prevailed, and the ten studies were restricted to the present limit. 

The older writing has become almost “a new creature/’ The love of creation determined thus much. Particularly has the subject enlarged in the ninth and tenth studies. These are especially commended to seekers after the rich¬ est conscious life. It is believed that the new form of the page-matter and the division into studies will prove helpful. I have the faith to believe that I am doing work that is really worthwhile. any declarations of practical values derived by patrons from the use of the Power-Book Library deepen that conviction. 

The Personal Atmosphere is a reality of the greatest importance in our life. Theoretically, it should be understood, at least in general terms; practically it should be utilized both for the betterment and for the right influence. The ends thus indicated constitute the object of this book.

 Man is a person exhibiting in the body. The exhibit is in the part body itself, in part ‘‘conscious mind ” — by which is to be understood the entire sum-total of personal activities within the body that are not involved in automatic physiological processes. All the activities are of the self, but the self is a deeper reality than either the body or the mind. The mind is not the self; the self is active in various

the book details :
  • Author:Frank C. Haddock
  • Publication date: 1919
  • Company:Meriden: Pelton

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