God the Invisible King - by H.G. Wells- PDF ebook

God the Invisible King PDF by H.G. Wells 

God the Invisible King PDF by H.G. Wells

A provocative read as the author works through his thoughts on religion and philosophy.

Wells describes his aim as to state "as forcibly and exactly as possible the religious belief of the writer." He distinguishes his religious beliefs from Christianity, and warns readers that he is "particularly uncompromising" on the doctrine of the Trinity, which he blames on "the violent ultimate crystallization of Nicaea." He pleads for a "modern religion" or "renascent religion" that has "no revelation and no founder.

Excerpt :
This book sets out as forcibly and exactly as possible the religious belief of the writer. That belief is not orthodox Christianity; it is not, indeed, Christianity at all; its core nevertheless is a profound belief in a personal and intimate God. 

There is nothing in its statements that need to shock or offend anyone who is prepared for the expression of a faith different from and perhaps in several particulars opposed to his own. The writer will be found to be sympathetic with all sincere religious feelings. Nevertheless, it is well to prepare the prospective reader for statements that may jar harshly against deeply rooted mental habits.

Contents :

Preface ix
1. The Cosmogony op Modern Religion ... 1
2. Heresies; or the Things that God is Not . . 25
3. The Likeness of God 55
4. The Religion of Atheists 69
5. The Invisible King 96
6. Modern Ideas of Sin and Damnation . . . 145
7. The Idea of a Church 157
8. The Envoy 171

Publication date: (1917)
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