An American Bible - Alice Hubbard - PDF ebook (1918)

An American Bible

An American Bible
Alice Hubbard

We need a bible that shall give us facts concerning business principles, acceptable and honourable principles that apply to new methods, new morals, new needs. We need a bible that shall teach us to be well, and how to keep well; that will inspire us to obey the common laws of health; that will teach us how to exercise, work, play, think; how to breathe and to eat.

 We need instruction in the democracy of man's own self, the family, the town, the State, the general government. Europeans say that America has no poor. Americans want to make this literally true. America demands that man shall be economically free, and she gives the opportunity. 

So the American Bible must treat Economics — the highest science man has yet discovered. ^ This bible must teach the philosophy of business and show how it benefits man.. It must show, too, the beauty and poetry of business, as well as that it is the means by which man has evolved. 

The American Bible must show us that life is very simple and that all the beauty and luxury we can use, all of anything and everything we can use, is right at hand. It must be a book that does not require a priesthood to explain and expound. It must be a book that appeals to common sense, and one that requires neither apology nor defence 

 It will teach us that to eat more than the body uses brings disease and then death — also, that to read and study and not use the knowledge brings auto-intoxication or ankylosis. This American Bible will teach us that every energy of man was made to use and that death follows disuse and misuse. fl It will teach the practical application of the Rule; that women were born free and equal with men in every and all-natural right; that woman has every right, as has man, to life, liberty and happiness.


Benjamin Franklin.--Thomas Jefferson.--Thomas Paine.--Abraham Lincoln.--Walt Whitman.--Robert Ingersoll.--Ralph Waldo Emerson.--Elbert Hubbard

book details :
  • Author: Alice Hubbard
  • Publication date: 1918

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