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The truth about Tristrem Varick; a novel

The truth about Tristrem Varick

Tristrem Varick is an enigmatic young man who inherited a fortune of six million dollars only to give it all away, an interesting enough premise on its own but merely the tip of the iceberg in this seductively nasty tale of love and ignorance.

The son of a rich yet inattentive father, Tristrem grows up to be a fairly well-adjusted young man of sedate passions until he falls 'wholly, turbulently, absurdly in love with a girl to whom he had not uttered a single word,' the beautiful Viola Raritan. Varick's upbringing as a son of wealth has made him, in the kind of phrase only a writer as excessive and shameless as Saltus would write, 'one whose normal condition was one of the chronic pluperfect subjunctive, and who, if thrown on his own resources, would be helpless indeed.

Review by Perry Whitford
Author: Edgar Saltus Publication date: 1888

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