The fraud of feminism (1913) by Ernest Belfort Bax - PDF

The fraud of feminism

The fraud of feminism
The fraud of feminism

The present volume aims at furnishing a succinct exposure of the pretensions of the Modern Feminist Movement. It aims at presenting the case against it with an especial view to tracking down and gibbetting the in-famous falsehoods by the conventional statements, which are not merely perversions of the truth, but which are directly and categorically contrary to the truth, but which pass muster by sheer force of uncontradicted repetition. It is by this kind of bluff that the claims of Feminism are sustained. The following is a fair example of the statements of Feminist writers: 

As for accusing the world at large of fatuous indulgence for womanhood in general, the idea is too preposterous for divorce. The true * legends of the Old Bailey ' tell, not of women absurdly acquitted, but of miserable girls sent to the gallons for murders committed in half-delirious dread of the ruthlessness of hypocritical Society.

The pressure put upon publishers and editors by the influential Feminist sisterhood is well known. For the rest, it must not be supposed that this little book makes any claim to exhaust the subject or to be a scientific treatise. It is and is meant to be, a popular refutation of the current arguments in favor of Feminism, and a brief statement of the case against Feminism, Sir Almroth Wright's short treatise, 

The Unexpurgated Case against Woman's Suffrage, which deals with the question from a somewhat different standpoint, may be consulted with advantage by the reader. An acknowledgment should be made to the editor of The New Age for the plucky stand made by that journal in the attempt to dam the onrush of sentimental slush set free by the self-constituted
 champions of womanhood. I have also to thank two eminent medical authorities for reading the proofs of my second chapter. 

Contents of the book:

Preface.--Introduction.--Historical.--The main dogma of modern feminism.--The anti-man crusade.--Always the "injured innocent."--The "chivalry" fake.--Some feminist lies and fallacies.--The psychology of the movement.--The indictment

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