Roman Stoicism - by Edward Vernon Arnold - PDF ebook

Roman Stoicism - by Edward Vernon Arnold 

Roman Stoicism
Roman Stoicism

Excerpt :

This book is the outcome of a course of lectures delivered by me in successive years to Latin Honours students in accordance with the regulations of the University of Wales. It is therefore primarily intended for the assistance of classical students, but it may perhaps appeal in its present form to a somewhat wider circle. At the time that the book was begun the best systematic exposition of the Stoic philosophy available for English readers was to be found in Prof. E. Zeller's Stoics Epicureans and Sceptics, translated by O. J. Reichel (Longmans, 1892).

 This work, admirable in detail, is nevertheless somewhat inadequate to the subject, which appeared to its learned author as a mere sequel to the much more important philosophical systems of Plato and Aristotle. Since its first appearance, many qualified writers have been inclined to assign a higher rank to Stoicism,. 

The view taken in this book corresponds generally to that taken by the writers' name. Shortly expressed, it regards Stoicism as the bridge between ancient and modern philosophical thought; a position which appears to be accepted by Davidson writing on behalf of students of modern philosophy. 

Mr. Hicks and Mr. Davidson have recently published, works dealing with the Stoic philosophy as a whole; but as neither of these quite covers the ground marked out for this j book, I believe that room will be found for a further presentation of the subject. i To the writers named and to many others, my obligations j are great, and their extent is generally indicated in the Index.


    I. The World-Religions .... I'
    ll. Heraclitus and Socrates 29
    III. The Academy and the Porch .... 53
    IV. The Preaching of Stoicism 78
    V. The Stoic Sect in Rome 99 
    VI. Of Reason and Speech . . 128
    VII. The Foundations of Physics . . . . 155
    VIII. The Universe 175
    IX. The Supreme Problems 198
    X. Religion. 216 y
    XI. The Kingdom of the Soul 238
    XII. The Law for Humanity 273 
    XIII. Daily Duties 301
    XIV. Sin and Weakness 330 ^
    XV. Counsels of Perfection 357 
    XVI. Stoicism in Roman History and Literature. 380
    XVII. The Stoic Strain in Christianity .... 408
    Bibliography :
    I. Ancient Writers and Philosophers. 437
    II. Modern Writers 445
    General Index 451
    Greek Index 466

Author: Edward Vernon Arnold
Publication date: 1911

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