Listen & Learn Spanish (1959) Audio Lessons - Download

Listen & Learn Spanish (1959) Audio Lessons - Download 

Listen & Learn Spanish (1959) Audio Lessons

Here, at last, is a modern approach to at-home language study, a new, practical way for modern people to learn French, Japanese, German, Italian, modern Hebrew or Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, or Russian by listening and imitating what they hear. Cutting through all the inessentials to get at the useful core of a language and teaching you not just how to read, but how to understand and be understood, Dover’s Listen G Learn is easy and surprisingly effective. 

Listen G Learn is the only language recordset that is designed specifically to meet the needs of people with only limited study time. Utilizing the phrase method advocated by most language authorities as to the fastest and most efficient approach, the courses will bring remarkable results, even if you have never studied a foreign language.

 Look at these special features, found only in Listen & Learn: Dual-language recordings! Hundreds of selected sentences and phrases, thousands of words spoken first in English, then in the foreign language equivalents. A suitable pause follows each foreign term, allowing time for repeating the expression. Convenient! A 128 to 206-page manual comes with each set. It contains every word on the records, plus a phonetic pronunciation guide, thus letting you carry all this information around with you. Many of the manuals contain food lists, supplementary phrases, and other special features. Indexed! No other language set on the market gives you every important word at the flip of a finger. No more puzzling over where to find the phrase you need. Realistic! Practical! The language as it is actually spoken. No ‘‘dead wood’ but essential, useful material that you will use in restaurants, while shopping or sightseeing, making inquiries, in emergencies. Phrases are used every day, like“‘nylon’’ and “air-conditioned.”

Disc 1:
1. Greetings, Introductions, And Social Conversation
2. Yourself; Making Yourself Understood
3. Useful Words And Expressions
4. Difficulties
5. Customs; Baggage
6. Travel; General Expressions
7. Tickets; Boat; Airplane
8. Train; Bus And Streetcar; Taxi
9. Automobile Travel; Parts Of The Car

Disc 2:
1. At The Hotel
2. At The Cafe
3. At The Restaurant; Food List
4. Food List; Conversation At The Restaurant
5. Church; Sightseeing
6. Amusements; Sports

Disc 3:
1. Bank And Money
2. Shopping; Shopping List; Colors; Stores
3. Bookstore And Stationer's; Cigar Store
4. Camera Shop; Drug Store
5. Laundry And Dry Cleaning; Barber Shop And Beauty Parlor
6. Health And Illness; Dentist
7. Telephoning; At The Post Office; Sending A Telegram
8. Time And Time Expressions; Days Of The Week; Months And Seasons; Weather
9. Numbers
Cataloging note: The artwork of this LP is a mix of Spanish and English languages.

Download the full course 160 MB contains 24 MP3 files

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