Listen & Learn Modern Greek (1962) Complete Audio Course

Listen & Learn Modern Greek (1962) Complete Audio Course

Listen & Learn Modern Greek

Realistic! Practical! The language as it is actually spoken, ready for use. No “deadwood,” but essential, useful matter, -for use in restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, emergencies, inquiries—over 90 categories in all. High fidelity! No finer records in any language course.

TRAVEL: Teaches the sentences, phrases, and words you'll really use. Save time and money. Be understood when you buy. Leave the usual tourist tracks. Speak directly to foreign business acquaintances. SCHOOL: Use Listen & Learn as an introduction to a foreign language via the phrase method advocated by most linguistic authorities. Already used in hundreds of classes all over the country, in high school, college, adult education, and other courses. The only set is designed for people with limited study time. :


1. Social Conversation
2. Personal Matters, Making Yourself Understood
3. General Expressions
4. Difficulties And Repairs
5. Customs
6. Baggage
7. Travel: General Expressions
8. Tickets, Boat, Airplane, Train
9. Bus, Streetcar, And Subway; Taxi
10. Automobile Travel
Disc 2:
1. Hotel And Apartment
2. Telephone Conversation
3. At The Cafe
4. At The Restaurant
5. Food List, Breakfast Foods, Soups, And Entrées
6. Vegetables And Salads, Fruits, Beverages, Desserts
7. Restaurant Conversations
8. Church, Sightseeing
Disc 3:
1. Amusements, Sports, Bank And Money
2. Post Office Conversation
3. Shopping
4. Clothing, Colors
5. Stores, Bookstore And Stationer
6. Cigar Store, Camera Shop, Drugstore, Laundry And Dry Cleaning, Barber Shop, And Beauty Salon
7. Health And Illness: Doctor; Dentist
8. Cablegram Conversation
9. Numbers
10. Time, Days Of The Week, Months, Seasons, And Weather

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