Learn French In Record Time (1958) MP3 Lessons

Learn French In Record Time (1958) MP3 Lessons

Learn French In Record Time (1958) MP3 Lessons

Many parents spend hundreds of dollars in private schools and for special tutors to teach the children another language. Here is a chance for you to do the same thing 

And the children will have fun sharing your lessons with you. will find that you are familiar with many of them and that you can pronounce them with ease and assurance. 

The next lesson, Getting to Know You, includes 2 weeks of essential, practical sentences — short, easy sentences that you will master with ease. And after that, Counting. And so you go on, adding useful words and Semieaces on everyday subjects with each lesson. 

Repetition is the key to success in all language study, .

Many people find it helpful to copy lessons in writing and to take dictation from the records.

1. Meet Your Professor
2. Information Please
3. Pronouns Are Important
4. Three Little Words
5. Indefinite Pronouns
6. Modify For Meaning
7. Language Building Blocks
8. Getting To Know You
9. Counting
10. Ordinal Numbers And Fractions
11. The Clock And The Calendar
12. Stranger In Town
13. Aboard Ship
14. Plane Travel
15. All Aboard
16. Going Through Customs
17. Getting Around Town
18. Metro, Buses, Bateaux Mouches

Disc 2:
1. Motoring Through France
2. Auto Care
3. Traffic Signs And Directions
4. At The Hotel
5. Renting A Room
6. The Sidewalk Cafe
7. Dining Out
8. Eat Like The French
9. Sightseeing
10. Snapshots For Remembrance
11. Shopping With Assurance
12. Hairdressers And Barbers
13. Going To Church
14. Music Halls And Theaters
15. Night Clubs
16. Exchanging Money
17. Communications - Mail, Telephone, Telegrams
18. Tourist Information
19. Your Health Abroad
20. Sports - Swimming, Golf, Tennis
21. Conducting Business
22. Key To Pronunciation
23. Au Revoir
24. Et Bonne Chance

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