The last of the Mohicans - by James Fenimore Cooper - PDF ebook

The last of the Mohicans 

The last of the Mohicans

This is another famous book that most people only seem to know through the movie version. While the movie was quite a good-the the book is truly a wonder. First a little bit of real history-during 1755, in the middle of the French-Indian Wars, Sir William Johnson decided to build a Fort in the New York province. 

The For was built to control the important inland waterway from New York City to Montreal and occupied a key forward location on the frontier between New York and New France. If you happen to see the Fort you will notice that Fort William Henry is designed in an irregular square fortification with bastions on the corners, in a design that was intended to repel Indian attacks, but not necessarily withstand attack from an enemy armed with artillery.

Cora and Alice Munro, daughters of Lieutenant Colonel Munro, are traveling with Major Duncan Heyward from Fort Edward to Fort William Henry, where Munro is in command, and acquire another companion in David Gamut, a singing teacher. They are guided through the forest by a native named Magua, who leads them through a shortcut unaccompanied by the British militia. Heyward is dissatisfied with Magua's shortcut, and the party roams unguided and finally joins Natty Bumppo (known as Hawk-eye), a scout for the British, and his two Mohican friends, Chingachgook and his son Uncas. Heyward becomes suspicious of Magua, and Hawk-eye and the Mohicans agree with his suspicion, that Magua is a Huron scout secretly allied with the French

Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Publication date:1889

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