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Lady John Russell: a memoir with selections from her diaries and correspondence

Lady John Russell
Lady John Russell 

The manuscripts which have supplied the material for a memoir of my mother deal much more fully with the life of my father than with her own life. 

Mr. Desmond Mae'Carthy has therefore linked into the narrative several important incidents in my father's career. The greater part of the memoir is written by Mr. Desmond MacCarthy; the political and historical commentary is almost entirely his work. The impartial and independent opinion of one outside the family, both in writing the memoir and in selecting passages from the manuscripts for publication, has been of great value.

 My grateful thanks are due to His Majesty the King for giving permission to publish letters from Queen Victoria. I am also grateful to friends and relations who have placed letters at my disposal; especially to my brother, whose helpful encouragement throughout the work has been most valuable. Mr. Justin McCarthy, who many years ago recorded his impressions of my mother in his Reminiscences, has now most kindly contributed to this book a chapter of Recollections. 

My cordial thanks are also due to Mr. George Trevelyan for reading the proof sheets, and to Mr. Frederic Harrison for giving permission to publish his Memorial Address at the end of this volume, 

Author: Lady Mary Agatha Russell was the daughter of the 1st Earl Russell and Frances, the Countess of Russell, and the aunt of Bertrand Russell. She was the co-editor of her mother's posthumously published memoirs, Lady John Russell: A Memoir with Selections from Her Diaries and Correspondence.
 Author: Desmond MacCarthy

Publication date:1910

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