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 Hermetic Science Of Motion And Number

Hermetic Science Of Motion And Number

In these twelve lessons, there is presented to the student a perfect knowledge of the Science of Motion. He will in this way be able to perfectly understand the ultimate, as well as the immediate cause of all manifestations of nature. In this way, the first steps toward an understanding of the Theosophia will be taken. Without this knowledge, an understanding of nature in the abstract is an utter impossibility.

All things in the material world are the result of motion. The doctrine as laid down by John Tyndall, that all things are a mode of motion of force, is perfectly true. It is simply the reappearing of ancient metaphysics. Tyndall adopted the theory from Schopenhauer, Schopenhauer adopted it from Kant, and Kant obtained it from the Neoplatonists, and they secured it from Pythagoras; Pythagoras learned it in Egypt and India. It becomes, therefore, the universal conception of the occult scientists of the ancient world. It is the key to the constitution of matter in relation to force. 

The Modern chemist is coming to discover the truth of a number of those things which were held and taught by the ancient alchemists. We are beginning to learn that the so-called elements are not really simple elements, but are in reality mere combinations. We were taught some years ago that there were seventy-two elements, which were absolutely elementary and could not be divided. We have found, however, that there are eighty-six so far located as so-called elements, but none of them are really elements. They are simply combinations.

Contents of the book:

Lesson I. The Law of Motion, showing how all material forms are merely the product of definite rates of motion in the ether, and how even the energies and forces of nature are merely the product of definite rates of motion. The entire field of vibration is therein reduced to an exact science. ( 1 )

Lesson II: The Law of Opposites, showing the electric, magnetic polarity of all things in nature, as the cause of their differentiation, thus giving the key to things in themselves, viewed in the abstract, and not merely in the relative, and the concrete. (15)

Lesson III: The Law of Balance, showing the perfect balance of all things, when the pairs of opposites are made to balance one another; thus showing the working of the law of Compensation throughout all nature. (30)

Lesson IV: The Law of Rhythm, showing all opposite principles to be merely the positive and negative poles of the same thing. (42)

Lesson V: The Music of the Spheres, showing the music of the spheres to be a fact in nature, and the relation of the same to Astronomy and vibration. (53)

Lesson VI: The Rhythm of Life, showing the nature of life and giving an analysis of the Rhythm which results in Life. (67)

Lesson VII: The Rhythm of Mind, giving the nature of mind and the rhythm which manifests itself as mind, giving the origin of the diverse faculties, and the cause of the various functional areas of the brain, the genesis of thought. (78)

Lesson VIII: The Key Note, showing the organization and integrity of all bodies to be due to the harmonious cooperation of the vibratory forces constituting them; in fact, gravitation itself is shown to be merely a matter of the Key Note applied to molecular vibration. (87)

Lesson IX: The Esoteric Meaning of Color, showing that the color of any object depends solely upon the rate of vibration within the component atoms, also giving the signification of all auric colors on the same principle. (97)

Lesson X: The Building of the Cosmos, showing conclusively that all form is merely a result of definite rates of vibration, and therefore, that the Cosmos was built through vibration. (107)

Lesson XI: The Fourth Dimension of Space, being an analytical discussion of the Fourth Dimension. (114)

Lesson XII: The Fifth Dimension of Space. In this Lesson, the principle of vibration is extended to the discussion of the Fifth Dimension of Space, and the ultimate science of fifth-dimensional nature founded thereon. (121)
Author:A. S Raleigh
Publication date:1924

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