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George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw, known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist, and political activist. His influence on Western theatre, culture, and politics extended from the 1880s to his death and beyond.
He was a brave  political activist who denounced  the United kingdom's alleged crime in the Denshawai accident 

George Bernard  Shaw is famous for his role in revolutionizing comedic drama. He was also a literary critic and a prominent British socialist. Shaw's most financially successful work, Pygmalion, was adapted into the popular Broadway musical My Fair Lady. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925. 

Contents of the collection:

  • Arms and the man; an anti-romantic comedy in three acts.
  • Back to Methuselah. A metabiological Pentateuch.
  • Bernard Shaw on modern typography.
  • Candida a pleasant play.
  • Dramatic opinions and essays.
  • Fabianism and the empire, a manifesto by the Fabian society.
  • Man and superman; a comedy and philosophy.
  • Misalliance, The dark lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's first play.
  • Mrs. Warren's profession; a play in four acts.
  • Pygmalion is a play in five acts,
  • Ruskin's politics.
  • Socialism and superior brains, a reply to Mr. Mallock
  • The doctor's dilemma, Getting married, and The shewing-up of Blanco Posnet.
  • The doctor's dilemma; a tragedy.
  • The impossibilities of anarchism.
  • The perfect Wagnerite is a commentary on the Nibelung's Ring.
  • The quintessence of Ibsenism.
  • The sanity of art.
  • The wisdom of Bernard Shaw;
  • Three Plays for Puritans, The devil's disciple, C├Žsar, and Cleopatra, & Captain Brassbound's Conversion
  • Widowers' houses a play.

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