Dorcas : the daughter of Faustina - PDF - by Nathan C. Kouns

Dorcas: the daughter of Faustina - Novel 

Dorcas: the daughter of Faustina

In the Catacombs of Rome Is an ancient tomb wherein repose the mortal remains of some Christian martyr.
A slab of white marble closes the little crypt cut out of the rock to be her sar cophagus, and upon this slab a careful, but un skilled hand hath cut an inscription that readeth after the fashion shown in this book; the English of which is, " Here lies Faustina. In peace." 

The name is Latin, the inscription is in the Greek tongue, the word Shalom or " Peace " is in Hebrew. The character in the lower middle portion of the slab indicates that she died a martyr to her faith, and the urn at the left is a symbol of Christian burial. 

Who was she? How died she? When? Musing alone beside this last resting-place of one who died for Jesus centuries ago, my lamp flickered and expired; and then in the subterranean darkness of the catacombs the dead forms around me seemed to live again, repeopling the past in which they lived, and loved, and suffered, and what I beheld, as in a vision, I seek now to reproduce in this story of Antichrist. Those of whom I learned it knew whereof they spoke, and the reader may rely upon the verity of all things that are set forth as facts.
Author: Nathan C. Kouns
Publication date: 1922

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