God-Man: The Word Made Flesh - by George Washington Carey - PDF ebook

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh

Man is within one step of his ideal the ultimate goal of his desires that realm of freedom where he will no longer be subject to law, but, being "led by the spirit," will realize that he, himself, is an operator and attribute of the law. Man is law in action. Will man now take the final step into complete liberty and become a god, or continue to eat of the husks of dual concept and still cower beneath the lash of "precedent and authority"? There is no "salvation" or regeneration for Man, as long as he believes in vicarious atonement. 

The man who needs saving by that process is not worth the price. Recognition of eternal unity will save Man from the idea that he needs saving because it will reconcile him to his place and mission in the Plan the Great Necessity. It will reveal to him his true kinship to the causeless cause, the beginningless beginning, and he will know that he is an attribute of universal energy from which all forms, thoughts, emotions, sounds, colors, and so-called "good and evil," proceed. In the full light of this wisdom, man will not search for personal saviors, nor quibble about the meaning of the words of men who died thousands of years ago. 

Jesus, Christ, Truth, Life forever preach the sermon in the ear of man: " a" "He that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, the same is an Anti-Christ." Only the spiritually blind look for the "coming" of Truth, or Life, the Christ who is ever-present, or for the "coming" of a kingdom which is already at hand. "When ye pray for a thing know that ye have it now." If we accept a certain statement uttered, as an ultimatum, by someone who lived in the dim past, we may be called upon to reconcile the utterance with another opinion, spoken or written by the same person, which seems to contradict previous statements in which we have placed our trust. These persons, being dead, cannot be asked for an explanation in regard to the seeming contradiction.

If they could, they might respond, as Walt Whitman did when a critic hinted that u good gray poet" contradicted himself:  Do I contradict myself? Then I contradict my- self. I am large, I contain multitudes." We must consider the fact that the opinions uttered by men in past ages extend over a period of years, during which time empires rose and fell, and new concepts of life, due to planetary and zodiacal changes, obtained recognition. Thus radical changes occurred in the social, religious, scientific, and industrial world. Viewing the question in this light, need we wonder that the seers and sages, saints and scientists of the past should sometimes contradict themselves? 

Are we, today, so very consistent? Do we not enact what we call "sacred laws," immediately violate them and carry the case to the court of last resort and get the "sacred" law repealed? We have had high and low tariff, bimetallism, and the gold standard, and our great statesmen valiantly upheld the free coinage of silver in the year 1895, and in 1896 these same captains of finance declared through the public press that free coinage of silver would destroy civilization, tear down the pillars of Hercules and wrench the stars from their cosmic thrones. We have contradicted ourselves in our opinion of the earth's shape, the distance to the Sun, the origin and operation of electricity, the cause of light, the divisibility of elemental gases, the circulation of the blood, the reality of hell and the devil and other subjects too numerous to mention. Then, shall we forever wrangle over the contradictory statements of dead men who wrought in their day as best they might with the light and data at their command, with no thought that people in future ages would war to the death or live with hate in their hearts for their fellows who differ with them on baptism, the size of Noah's ark, or whether a prophet swallowed a fish or a fish swallowed a prophet? So much for the old world belief, that the Scriptures (writings) are records of men and women and places, geographical, historical, etc. These wonderful statements are fables, parables, allegories, dealing with the chemical, physiological, anatomical, and astrological operations of the HUMAN BODY, "Fearfully and wonderfully made."

Some contents of the book

  • Redemption the Ultimate Goal of Humanity 10
  • The Kingdom at Hand 11
  • Books Rejected by the Council of Nicea 14
  • Names 16
  • The Marvelous Story of Joseph and Mary 19
  • The man was Made Upright 21
  • The Eternity of Perfection 23
  • Sarah and Abraham 38
  • The Word of God Revealed 39
  • The Explanation of "Turning Water into Wine'' 56
  • John the Baptist Physiologically Explained 61
  • The Plagues of Egypt in the Human Body 63
  • What Was the Word of God that Came to the Prophets?.. 55
Great book for exploring the esoteric (hidden) meaning behind religious texts. our relation to and influence on, the Sun, balance, laws of nature, etc are also explored in this book.

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