The selling process,(1920) PDF ebook by Abiel Hawkins

The selling process,(1920) a handbook of salesmanship principles 

The selling process,
Norval Abiel Hawkins

Contents of the book:

I. The Sales: First Factor of the Selling Process . . 11
Ii. The Man: Second Factor of the Selling Process. 37
Iii. The Ship (or Art): Third Factor of the Selling Process 64
Iv. Preparation: First of the Preparatory Steps of the Sale 89
V. Prospecting: Second of the Preparatory Steps of the Sale 116
Vi. Approach and Audience: Third of the Preparatory Steps of the Sale 142
Vii. Sizing Up the Buyer: First of the Presentation Steps of the Sale 169
Viii. Gaining Attention and Awakening Interest:
Second of the Presentation Steps of the Sale . . 194
Ix. Persuading and Creating Desire: First of the
Convincing Steps of the Sale 216
X. Handling Objections: Second of the Convincing Steps of the Sale 241
Xi. Securing Decision and Obtaining Signature: First of the Closing Steps of the Sale 266
Xii. The Get-away and Lead to Future Orders: Second of the Closing Steps of the Sale . . . 291

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

In 1904, I sold my services as a Certified Public Accountant to Henry Ford and became an Auditor of the Ford Motor Company. Three years later I sold myself into the big job of Commercial and General Sales Manager. Then for twelve years, I directed the marketing of Ford products all over the world. Our sales were multiplied 132 times from 6,181 to 815,912 cars a year.

In selling my personal services and ideas, and in selling goods, I have used a particular selling process. I have learned what sales principles and methods are most effective. That the practice of these principles and methods assures success in selling has been proved, not only in my own wide experience but also by tests I have made with the thousands of salesmen it has been my privilege to direct as an executive.

 Many of the best salesmen we had in the Ford Motor Company were developed from flat failures into certain successes by training in the selling process we worked out.
More than fifty thousand salesmen and sales managers are using this selling process in their daily work. The present book describing and explaining it is now in the sixth edition; though it was first published only two years ago. Countless numbers of readers have written to me that by studying they have increased their sales power from ten percent to several hundred percent. A great many successful businesses have distributed^the book
throughout their sales organizations.

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