Is the devil a myth? (1913) by C. F. Wimberly

Is the devil a myth? 

Is the devil a myth?

It is the writer's firm conviction, in these days when the most enthusiastic " bookworm " cannot even keep up with the titles of the book output, that an earnest, sensible reason should be given for adding another to the already endless list of books.

 We have enough books today, " good, bad, indifferent," with which, if they were collected, to build another Cyclops pyramid. The sage of the Old Testament declared in his day, concerning the endless making of books; such a statement, compared with modern writing and publishing of books, sounds amusing. Every possible subject, vagary, or ism, for v/hich a book could be written, is overworked. Bible themes of all grades, from orthodoxy to ultra higher criticism, have flooded the land. Especially is the iconoclast in much evidence; he is freelance and shows no quarters. Cardinal tenets of Bible faith, so long unquestioned, are being smitten with a merciless hand. 

Disintegration is the most obvious fact among us; nothing is too sacred for the crucible of what is termed " scholarship." But why this book? Let us take a little survey. Over against the modern idea, that the race is endowed with all the inherent elements of goodness necessary to its regeneration, there is a corresponding- ent belief that evil is only an error. 

When the race by social and mental evolution succeeds in eliminating all the superstitions and false dogmas, the body politic will be self-curative, like the physical body, restoring itself by means of inspiration, respiration, exercise, sleep, food, etc., once the causes of disease are eliminated from the system. For several decades we have been approaching the doctrine which denies all Personalism — either good or bad. When we repudiate the Bible teaching, that the source of all evil emanates from a great Personality, the Bible teaching of the Incarnation suffers in the same proportion. 

The title of this book is a question, and one by no means strained if considered from the viewpoint of modern thought. We have undertaken an answer. If by reason and revelation we can arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, the gain thereby cannot be over-estimated. If the personality of Satan can be successfully consigned to the religious junk pile, our Bible is at once thrown into a jumble of contradictions and inconsistencies. 

The result will be even worse than our enemies claim for it now. One of the late recognized writers on the Old Testament says: " The Old Testament is no longer considered valuable among scholars as a sacred oracle, but it is valuable in that it is the history of a people.
" If the Devil is a Myth, our Bible can be nothing better than Jiistorical chaos. In the preparation of these pages, we wish to ac- knowledge with deep gratitude the assistance of Mr. S. D. Gordon, author of "Quiet Talks"; Dr. I. M. Haldeman, author eyed preacher; Dr. Gross Alexan- Preface 7 der, editor, author, and preacher; Dr. W. B. Godbey, an author of great learning and extensive travel; Dr. B. Carradine, evangelist and author; Dr. H. C. Morrison, college president, editor, author, and evangelist; Prof. L. T. Tovvnsend, and Hon. Philip Mauro. If the reading of this book shall bring to any struggling soul helpful information concerning our common Enemy, we shall be doubly repaid for the labor of its preparation. We send it forth saturated with prayer.

Some contents in the book 

The Problem of Evil
The Origin of Evil
Devil — Satan— Serpent— Dragon.
Diabolus — Demonia — Abaddon-
The Devil a " Blockade "
The Great Magician
The Roaring Lion.
An Angel of Light
The Sower of Tares
The Arch Slanderer
The Double Accuser
Satan a Spy
The Quack Doctor.
The Devil a Theologian
The Devil a Theologian tinned^
The Devil's Righteousness
The World's Tempter.
The Confidence-Man
The Trapper.
The Incomparable Archer
The Father of Liars
The Kingship of Satan.
The Devil's Handmaiden
The Astute Author

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