Book of magical art, Hindu magic and Indian occultism (1915) by De Laurence

Book of magical art, Hindu magic, and Indian occultism

Hindu Magic, Magic Fentadcs, the Manner of Constructing Thenip Alchemical Magic. The conclusion of Hindu and Talismank Magic, in Which is Fully  Ceretnoniah Hindu and Celestial Magic, Invocation and Binding of Astral Spirits, Exorcisms, Enchantments, Bepedictions, Conjurations.Clairvoyance, and Hindu Mediumship, etc., etc.

The same being a most full and complete system of Occult Philosophy; Natural, Celestial and Ceremonial Magic; Conjurations of Spirits.

The  Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu classic, and East Indian Occulismi was published m the United States in the year 1818. For many years this famous work has been difficult to obtain and has only been available lu the form of a print fi-om worn plates at "a price ranging from twelve to fifteen dollars. hi deciding to issue the present edition at a low price the publishers feel that they are meeting the \Tislies of an ever-widening class of occult students. 

The sincere and honest occult student will find this work the best of its kind that ever comes unto the Iiand of man, and he who is faithful and deserving of the teachings of this work will be helped accordingly, However, the student is admonished in the beginning, that he must sniff this book with an earnest heart, and that he can never misunderstand its hidden meaning only through stuff and m editor I At the present price, after all, current expenses have been paid; for the cost of publishing a work of this kind is very great, there is little or no profit.

I have, at a vast labor and expense, both of time and charges, collected whatsoever can be deemed valuable and rare, in regard to the subject of Hindu and Natural Magic, Indian Occaltistn^-^e Cabala—Celestial and Ceremonial Magic — 

Atchymy and Sfirilismji and have divided it into Two Books, sub-divided into Chapters. In this Volume will also be found a biographical account of those great men who were famous and renowned for their knowledge; showing upon whose authority this Science of Art Magic is founded, and upon what principles To which I have annexed a great variety of notes, wherein I Iiave impartially examined the probability of the existence of Magic, both of the good and bad species, in the earliest, as welt as ancient ages of the World. I have exhibited a vast number of rare experiments in the course of this Treatise, delivered in the beguiling, are founded upon the simple application of actives to passives; the others are of a higher Astral Influence.

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