A German and English dictionary (1902) PDF by George Adler

A German and English dictionary 

A German and English dictionary
A German and English dictionary 

pt. 1. German and English.--pt. 2. English and German

Perhaps no book of its kind has enjoyed a better reputation, for so long a period, than George J. Adler's German and English Dictionary. 

The first edition, which appeared in 1848, was based on Mügel's; but the editor carefully revised that work, rewrote some parts, and added nearly thirty thousand new words. In doing this, he made free use of the most recent works of that day, including those of Hilpert, Grieb, Küttner and Nicholson, Campe, Heinsius, and Heyse. In the original preface he set forth as his principal aim " to offer to the American student of German a work which would embody all the valuable results of the most recent investigations in German lexicography, and which might thus become not only a reliable guide for the practical acquisition of that language but one which would not forsake him in the higher walks of his pursuits, to which its literary and scientific treasures would naturally invite him."

How well Professor Adler performed this task is shown by the long popularity of the book. But every living language is continually growing, and the time comes when even the most perfect word-book must be revised. In the present revision, the entire vocabulary of the original edition has been retained, except for some words that have become obsolete. 

The wonderful progress of the arts and sciences has brought into use many new words and has given new meanings to old words, and the present editors have endeavored to incorporate in this new edition as many of them as are likely to be encountered by the student or the general reader. It happens also in every country that some portion of the slang and colloquialism of today becomes good language tomorrow, and must be recognized in a popular dictionary. 

The original spellings have been retained, but the few slight changes that have been adopted in German literature are indicated. In both parts, the accent has been marked uniformly throughout, and the "to" with English verbs has been dropped, as has also the double "s" in words it is(s). The treatment of synonyms is the same as in the original edition.

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