Natural history object lessons: a manual for teachers (1891) PDF by George Ricks

Natural history object lessons: a manual for teacher

Natural history object lessons: a manual for teacher

In " Object Lessons, and How to Give Them," the First and Second Series, we confined ourselves almost exclusively to the Inorganic World. In this volume, we propose to turn our attention to the Organic World. Plants and animals present an inexhaustible supply of subjects for "Object Lessons; " but the majority of teachers lack the time and opportunity to search out, gather, and arrange the suitable materials from so vast a treasury. 

The object of this book is two-fold : 
(I.) To supply information from which the teacher, with the least effort, may prepare systematic courses of interesting and instructive " Natural History Lessons," suitable for Public Elementary Schools

 (II.) To provide a sufficient number of specimen lessons (a) for the use of young teachers, and (6) to serve as guides in the preparation and construction of other lessons. But in addition to this, a very general sketch of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms is given; sufficient to show to the teacher, not previously conversant with the subject, the general relations of the various groups of plants and animals to each other and to the whole, without which the more advanced lessons, at least, would lose much of their point and force. The book must not be considered, however, in any sense a textbook either of Botany or Zoology. For a more systematic review of plants the teacher is referred to a little book, admirable as it is simple, written by V. Murche; and for a more comprehensive survey of the various groups of animals to the strikingly interesting series of " Natural History Readers " by J. G. Wood,

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