First Spanish course (1917) PDF by Elijah Clarence Hills

First Spanish course (1917) PDF by Elijah Clarence Hills and J. D. M. Ford

First Spanish course

In this First Spanish Course, the authors have aimed to present to English-speaking students the essential facts of Spanish grammar and to illustrate them by means of abundant material for oral and written exercises.

 The amount of formal grammar given in each Lesson is small, and in the early Lessons, there are almost no exceptions to the general rules. At the end of each Lesson, the rules of grammar are re- peated in Spanish, so that the students may commit them to memory in either Spanish or English as the teacher prefers.

 The words used in the exercises are limited as far as possible to those in common use, and they are given, for the most part, in the connected discourse of descriptive and narrative passages. Each Lesson has a special vocabulary of new words, and at the end of the book, there is a general vocabulary that contains all the words that are used in the exercises. The Spanish passages in the exercises are followed by sets of questions based on the text. 

These will doubtless be used by many teachers, although some may prefer to formulate their own questions. The treatment of verbs, which follows the Lessons proper, is unusually complete, and it includes reference lists of irregular verbs and of those that require a preposition before an infinitive.

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