Advertising and selling; principles of appeal and response (1913) by Harry L. Hollingworth

Advertising and selling; principles of appeal and response
Advertising and selling; principles of appeal and response

This book has resulted from the cooperative attempt, on the part of a group of practical businessmen and one or two individuals whose interests were chiefly scientific, 
(a) to formulate and systematize those facts and laws which re- late to the processes of appeal and response in the selling and advertising of goods.

(b) to undertake investigations that might result in the discovery of new facts and principles of both practical and scientific interest. This attempt has proceeded on the basis of four distinct aims, which it is well to have clearly in mind. These aims have been:

 (1) To sort out, from the general body of psychological doctrine, such principles as under- lie the mental processes involved in creating, presenting and reacting to appeals which are presented in the form of advertisements, arguments, selling talks, etc.; to state these in systematic form for convenient acquisition and reference by the active and prospective business man. 

(2) To examine such various methods, media and devices as have proven clearly successful or  unsuccessful in known circumstances, places, and with different commodities, and to deduce and formulate any principles revealed by such comparative study. 

(3) To carry on, in a cooperative way, new experiments and investigations, by exact scien- tific methods, and with the definite intention of helping to render the technique of the laboratory more and more serviceable in handling the prac- tical problems of daily business life. 

(4) To devise accurate and reliable methods of testing beforehand the probable value of appeals which are intended for actual use in advertising and selling, (a) by the more exact study of the known principles of appeal and response and their ap- plications in business transactions, and (b) by a comparison of laboratory tests with keyed results produced by the appeals in business campaigns. The results of this cooperative attempt are presented in the chapters which follow. The first line of work will constitute the skeleton of the book, and the results of the other inquiries will be introduced by way of illustration and proof of the principles presented.

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