A series of lessons in Raja yoga (1906) by William Walker Atkinson, PDF ebook

A series of lessons in Raja yoga

A series of lessons in Raja yoga
 William Walker Atkinson

There is but One Life — One Life Underlying. This Life is manifesting through ME, and through every other shape, form, and thing. I am resting on the bosom of the Great Ocean of Life, and it is supporting me and will carry me safely, though the waves rise and fall — through the storms rage and the tempests roar. I am safe on the Ocean of Life, and rejoice as I feel the sway of its motion. 

Nothing can harm me — though changes may come and go, I am Safe. I am One with the All Life, and its Power, Knowledge, and Peace are behind, underneath, and within Me. O ! One Life ! express Thyself through me — carry me now on the crest of the^wave, now deep down in the trough of the ocean — supported always by Thee — all is good to me, as I feel Thy life moving in and through me. I am Alive, through thy life, and I open myself to thy full manifestation and inflows lessons which compose this volume originally appeared in the shape of monthly lessons, the first of which was issued in October, 1905, and the twelfth in September, 1906.

 These lessons met with a hearty and generous response from the public, and the present volume is issued in response to the demand for the lessons in a permanent and durable form. There have been no changes made in the text. 

The publishers take the liberty to call the attention of the reader to the great amount of information condensed within the space given each lesson. 

Students have told us that they have been found it necessary to read and study each lesson carefully, in order to absorb the varied information contained within its pages. They have also stated that they have found k advisable to re-read the lessons several times, allowing an interval between each reading and that at each re-reading they would discover information that had escaped them during the course of the previous study. This has been repeated to us so often that we feel justified in mentioning it, that other readers might avail themselves of the same course and plan of study. 

Following his usual custom, the writer of the lessons has declined to write a preface for this book, claiming that the lessons speak for themselves, and that those for whom they are intended will receive the message contained within them, without any prefatory talk.

Lesson One
the" I"

Lesson II.
The Ego's Mental Tools
Lesson III.
The Expansion of the Self -
Lesson IV.
Mental Control -
Lesson V.
The Cultivation of Attention
Lesson VI.
Cultivation of Perception
Lesson VII.
The Unfoldment of Consciousness
Lesson VIII.
The Highlands and Lowlands of
Mind - - - .
Lesson IX.
The Mental Planes -
Lesson X.
Lesson XI.
Sub-Conscious Character Building
Lesson XII.
Sub-Conscious Influences

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