Kriegspiel: the war game ( 1896 ) Novel by Francis Hindes Groome

Kriegspiel: the war game ( 1896 ) by Francis Hindes  Groome

Kriegspiel: the war game

Gipsy life delineated by an eminent authority, the author of Gypsy Folk-Tales (1898)

An English baronet, son of a Romany mother, is kidnapped, and travels over England and the Scottish border in a gipsy caravan; Suffolk, Berwick, and Edinburgh being the chief scenes.

 Romany manners and customs, life under canvas, language and folklore, are presented in a striking way. [6s., Ward & Lock.]

Francis Hindes Groome (30 August 1851 – 24 January 1902), son of Robert Hindes Groome, Archdeacon of Suffolk, was a writer and foremost commentator of his time on the Romani people, their language, life, history, customs, beliefs, and lore.
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