How to write special feature articles (1920) by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer, PDF book

How to write special feature articles?

handbook for reporters, correspondents and free-lance writers who desire to contribute to popular magazines and magazine sections of newspapers

Special feature stories and popular magazine articles constitute a type of writing particularly adapted to the ability of the novice, who has developed some facility in writing, but who may not have sufficient maturity or talent to undertake successful short-story writing or other distinctly literary work. Most special articles can- not be regarded as literature. 

Nevertheless, they afford the young writer an opportunity to develop whatever ability he possesses. Such writing teaches him four things that are invaluable to anyone who aspires to do literary work. It trains him to observe what is going on about him, to select what will interest the average reader, to organize material effectively, and to present it attractively. If this book helps the inexperienced writer, whether he is in or out of college, to acquire these four essential qualifications for success, it will have accomplished its purpose.

 For permission to reprint complete articles, the author is indebted to the editors of the Boston Herald, the Chris- tian Science Monitor, the Boston Evening Transcript, the New York Evening Post, the Detroit News, the Milwaukee Journal, the Kansas City Star, the New York Sun, the Providence Journal, the Ohio State Journal, the New York World, the Saturday Evening Post, the Independent, the Country Gentleman, the Outlook, McClure's Magazine, 

Everybody's Magazine, the Delineator, the Pictorial Review, Munsey's Magazine, the American Magazine, System, Farm and Fireside, the Woman's Home Companion, the Designer, and the Newspaper Enterprise Association. The author is also under an obligation to the many newspapers and magazines from which excerpts, titles, and other material have been quoted. At every stage in the preparation of this book, the author has had the advantage of the cooperation and assistance of his wife, Ahce Haskell Bleyer.

Author: Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
 Publication Date:1920


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