Great authors of all ages :(1909) PDF book by Samuel Austin Allibone

Great authors of all ages: 

Great authors of all ages:

being selections from the prose works of eminent writers from the time of Pericles to the present day

Great collections of selections of prose from the  greatest writers' work 
Samuel Austin Allibone (April 17, 1816 – September 2, 1889) was an American author, editor, and bibliographer.

Some of the Contents:

Milton, Elwood on 114
Mind, Knowledge of the 186
More, Sir Thomas, Mackintosh on 286
Names, Sterne on 195
Narrative, Hawkesworth on 195
Natural Philosophy and Religion 88
Nature, Love of 253
Neapolitan Church 284
Neglect, Feltham on 60
New Commandment 249
New England, Quincy on 312
The Nile, Battle of the 319
Nimroud, Excavations at... 512
Noble Birth, Pride of...... 119
Noodle's Oration 301
Oblivion, Browne on 59
Obscurity, Cowley on 78
One Niche the Highest 486
Opium, Effects of. 381
The Pacific Ocean, Discovery of the 511
Partridge at the Playhouse 175
Paul at Athens 404
Paul's Walk 113
Pecksniff. 493
Peloponnesian War 9
Penn's Advice to his Children 120
Plague in London in 1665, De Foe on... 125
Plague in London in 1665, Pepys on 101
Pleasure, Utopian 24
Pleasures, Natural and Fantastical 152
Poet, a Small 69
Poetry, Modern, Defects in 518
Poetry of the Age of Elizabeth 237
Poetry, Steele on 130
Poetry, What is? 337
Politeness, True and False 205
Poor Relations 326
Pope, Milton, Thomson 269
Pope to Atterbury 158
Pope's Translation of Homer 185
Power and Activity 393
Power, God's « 87
Poyser, Mrs., and the Squire 530
Practice and Habit 103
Prayer, Bacon's 40
Preaching, Moral 354
Prescott, Death of 406
Press, Censorship of the 64
Princeton, Battle of 245
Private Judgment in Religion 92
Procrastination 79
Prophetic Language 118
Protestant Infallibility 143
Proverbs, Philosophy of. 288
Prudence, Dodsley on 171
Psalms, Beauties of the 241
Purity and Propriety 203
Rainy Sunday in an Inn 367


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