A journey to the centre of the earth ( 1905) PDF Novel by Jules Verne

A journey to the centre of the earth

A journey to the centre of the earth

The story opens in May 1863, with Axel Lidenbrock living in Germany, alongside his uncle, Professor Otto Lidenbrock An academic in the field of geology, the elder Lindenbrock is quite focused on his work and always open to new adventures. When Otto arrives home one day, he has quite the treat for his nephew, a manuscript by an Icelandic historian of some repute. Within the manuscript is a note that baffles them both, until it is properly translated and read, revealing a secret adventure made by another Icelandic fellow, Arne Saknussemm.

It would seem that Saknussemm undertook a trip to the centre of the Earth, accessed through a crater in a dormant volcano. According to the document, one can only gain access for a short time each year and Otto determines that he must undertake this adventure, bringing Axel with him.

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