A handbook of Greek sculpture -PDF (1905) by Ernest Arthur Gardner

A handbook of  Greek sculpture 

A handbook of  Greek sculpture


Although there are several histories of Greek sculpture, the need for a handbook on a smaller scale and of somewhat different scope is, I believe, generally felt. What is wanted is a general outline of our present knowledge of Greek sculpture, distinguishing as clearly as possible the different schools and periods, and giving typical instances to show the development of each

This principle has precluded the discussion of many interesting problems that are still under dispute; but in the case of questions which, though undecided, are of a too vital issue for the history of sculpture to be altogether ignored, I have endeavoured to state as briefly as possible the different tenable views, and to base no further inferences upon the acceptance of any of them. 

In this way, the student will be provided with a framework into which he can easily fit all the knowledge that he may acquire from subsequent reading or observation, and at the same time, he will not find that he has anything to unlearn when he becomes acquainted with more facts or newer theories. Where the writer of such a book as this to cite all the authorities who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the work he has produced, his preface and notes would be a mere patchwork of references and quotations.

 I have endeavoured as far as possible to give my own impressions directly, as derived both from literary authorities and from the monuments themselves, and have tried as a general rule to avoid direct quotations from modern writers. Wherever I have consciously borrowed an original view propounded by a predecessor, and not yet adopted as common property,

Author: Ernest Arthur Gardner
 Publication Date: 1905
640 pages 

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