A first course in philosophy (1913) by John Edward Russell, PDF book

A first course in philosophy (1913)

A first course in philosophy (1913)

This book, the outgrowth of more than twenty years of teaching, aims especially to meet the wants of students who are young in the study of philosophy. It is my hope also, that this book will be of service to other students who, work ing in other fields, desire to know something about the problems of the world and our human life with which philosophers are occupied. 

I have endeavoured to set forth the main doctrine of philosophy in terms sufficiently simple, and in an exposition sufficiently ample to enable the student to comprehend the meaning of these doctrines and to appreciate their significance. 

I have aimed to encourage the student to philosophize for himself, rather than merely to appropriate the product of other men s thinking. With this purpose in view, I have let the representatives of various philosophical theories advocate and defend their respective doctrines; and for the most part, have refrained from closing the debate. 

My acquaintance with philosophy has taught me that its questions are still open and that it is the mark of the truly philosophic mind to hold whatever convictions to which it has attained, as tentative and liable to revision in the light of fuller evidence. J. E. R.
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