A basket of chips (1855) essays by John Brougham, PDF book

Collection of essays by John Brougham (9 May 1814 – 7 June 1880)  who was an Irish-American actor and dramatist.
essays by  John Brougham

Contents :
Some passages in the life of a dog.--The opera of "La fille du régiment"--done into English.--Love and loyalty--an episode in English history.--Pauline.--O'Dearmid's ride.--The coming of Kossuth.--The fairies' warning.--The killing of the shark.--Every-day drama--the pigeon and the hawks.--Kit Cobb, the cabman--a story of London life.--The phantom light--a tale of Boston.--Revolt of the harem--simplified.--Fatality--a condensed novel.--Dramas of the day--Revenge: or, The medium.--Ned Geraghty's luck.--The eagle and her talons--an eastern apologue.--Peace and war.--Summer friends.--Love's mission.--Evenings at our club.--Romance and reality.--Jasper Leech--the man who never had enough.--Nightmares.--The Bunsby papers
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