Anti-theistic theories (1889) by Robert Flint

Anti-theistic theories

Anti-theistic theories (1889)  by Robert Flint

Robert Flint  (14 March 1838 – 1910) was a Scottish  Christian theologian and philosopher who wrote also on sociology. 

Content of the book:
Atheism -- Ancient materialism -- Modern materialism -- Contemporary or scientific materialism -- Positivism -- Secularism -- Are there tribes of atheists? -- Pessimism -- History of pantheism -- Pantheism -- Appendix

The present volume is closely connected with the work entitled 'Theism/ which was published in 1877. The two works may be regarded as two parts of a system of Natural Theology which is still very far from complete. 

The chief omission in the present volume relates to Agnosticism. The explanation of the omission is that the author was anxious to avoid, in a semi-popular work, abstruse metaphysical discussion, and has long cherished the hope of being able, at some future time, to publish a historical account and critical examination of the various phases of Modern Agnosticism.

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