The will power: its range in action ( 1888) PDF book by John Milner Fothergill

The will power: its range in action

The will power: its range in action

John Milner Fothergill British physician John Milner Fothergill, M.D., was a British physician and medical writer 

Excerpt: What the will is, is a matter upon which metaphysicians have not yet been able to make up their minds, after all the attention bestowed on the subject; and when they have come to some conclusion, either of agreement or fixity of disagreement, the result will have no practical value. " She has a will, she has ! " the mother or nurse will say of some child then, just as they have done, and do now; and will do after the learned word-weighers have arrived at their decision. Will is one of the " little men who stand behind us," mind, soul, spirit, will, intangible some- things, revealed to us, — how? 


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