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 The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm (1916) with Illustrations by Arthur Rackham

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm
The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm

A collection of tales taken from German folklore and immortalized by the Brothers Grimm.

Great collection of most famous fairy tales, The Brothers Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, and Wilhelm Carl Grimm, were German academics, philologists, cultural researchers, lexicographers, and authors who collected and published folklore during the 19th century.

Preface by Arthur Rackham  

Some years ago a selection of Grimm's Fairy Tales with one hundred illustrations of mine in black and white was published — in 1900, by Messrs. Freemantle and Co., and afterwards by Messrs. Archibald Constable & Co., Ltd. At intervals since then I have been at work on the original drawings, partially or entirely re-drawing some of them in colour, adding new ones in colour and in black and white, and generally overhauling them as a set, supplementing and omitting, with a view to the present edition. Many of the forty-coloured illustrations are elaborations of the earlier black and white drawings or are founded on them. 

The frontispiece and those facing pp. 34, 70, 94, 104, 116, 118, and 190 are entirely new, and several of the text illustrations also have not been published before. The remaining illustrations in the text have been reconsidered and worked on again to a greater or less degree.

Some contents of the book :

The golden bird. Hans is in luck. The Bremen town musicians. Old sultan... The straw, the coal, and the bean briar rose . . ,. The dog and the sparrow the twelve dancing princesses the fisherman and his wife the wren and the bear the frog prince. The cat and mouse in partnership with the goose girl... The adventures of chanticleer and partlet rapunzel ....... Fundevogel ....... The valiant tailor ...The Jew was forced to spring up and begin to dance . . . Dancing as hard as he could . . . The Three Sleeping Princesses. So the rich Brother had to put his Brother's Turnip into a cart, and have it taken home .......  When he got home he had the rope in his hand, but there was nothing at the end of it ......On the way, he passed a swamp, in which a number of Frogs were croaking ....... The Cat crept stealthily up to the topmost branch. 

 They found the Princess still on the rock, but the Dragon was asleep with his head on her lap. The poor Horse was very sad and went into the forest to get a little shelter from the wind and weather .....Then the Horse sprang up and dragged the Lion away behind him... Before long the Witch came by riding at a furious pace on a tomcat. ... 

The Golden Castle of Stromberg ..... One day he saw three Robbers fighting ....There stands an old tree; cut it down, and you will find something at the roots .......So now there were seven people running behind Simpleton and his Goose ........ And so they followed uphill and down dale after Simpleton and his Goose ........  The King could no longer withhold his daughter.

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