Poor Richard's almanack by Benjamin Franklin (1914) PDF book

 Poor Richard's almanack by Benjamin Franklin PDF book

Benjamin Franklin

This book was published in 1914. it is considered a self-help book contains useful and practical tips for saving money and manage your own personal finance. 

Benjamin was the fifteenth child of Josiah Franklin, whose occupation was that of tallow-chandler or candle-maker. The business was not prosperous, and the Franklin family was reared in very humble circumstances. As a child, Benjamin hungered for books and knowledge. During the two years that his father was able to send him to school, he showed remarkable aptitude and industry and rapidly outdistanced his fellow pupils. The first book which Franklin read was Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress". By trading and borrowing, he managed to secure other volumes. His passion for reading was so intense that he attracted the attention of a kind-hearted Boston merchant, who gave the boy access to his well-stocked library. Franklin read only books that could add to his education and read them with a thoroughness that extracted every bit of useful knowledge.



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