Philosophy as a science : a synopsis of writings of Dr. Paul Carus (1909) PDF book

 Philosophy as a science: a synopsis of writings of Dr. Paul Carus: containing an introduction written by himself, summaries of his books, and a list of articles to date

Paul Carus

Carus was born in Ilsenburg, Germany, and educated at the universities of Strassburg (then Germany, now France) and Tübingen, Germany. After obtaining his Ph.D. from Tübingen in 1876 he served in the army and then taught school. He had been raised in a pious and orthodox Protestant home, but gradually moved away from this tradition

The aim of all my writings centers in Philosophy the endeavor to build up a sound and objective tenable philosophy, one that would be as science, objective as any branch of the natural sciences. I do not want to propound a new philosophy of my own but to help in working out philosophy itself, viz., philosophy as a science; and after many years of labor in this field, I have come to the conclusion, not only that it is possible, but also that such a conception of the world is actually preparing itself in the minds of men. The old philosophies are constructions of purely subjective significance, while agnosticism, tired of these vain efforts and lacking the strength to furnish a better solution of the problem, claims that the main tasks of philosophy cannot be accomplished; but if science exists, there ought to be also a philosophy of science, for there must be a reason for the reliability of knowledge. Every success of scientific inquiry, every Agnosticism progress of research in the several fields a failure. of knowledge, every new invention based upon methodical experiment, is a refutation of agnosticism —the philosophy of nescience — in so far as these several advances corroborate the reliability of science.

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