Health and power through creation - PDF book by Paul Ellsworth Triem

Health and power through creation 

Health and power through creation

OH, a creature of a thousand moods! Com- plex of passions and desires, of hopes and fears and of vague, tormenting yearnings! Where amidst all that multiplicity of thoughts and feelings that surge through your mind are you? Men live on the outside of their bodies, like barnacles. They explore themselves with stetho- scopes and clinical thermometers and stomach tubes, with tracts and sermons and political platforms. 

They grope this way and that, searching for — what? For success? And how many find it? Is there a way which all may tread into this wonderful land of the soul, and which, treading, perchance they may find all the rest — success, happiness, mastery, fruition? The Way exists. 

You were created for success; for power and perfection of mind and body; for mastery over every circumstance of the outer life; for an abundance of all good things. Do you doubt it? You do not. In your inner-most consciousness, you have always known that you were of the royal household and that all that you thought or did was unworthy of your real nature, of the power and mastery to which you were born. 

You have hitherto sojourned in the far country of sensual delusions, but even now you are turning your face back toward your Father's house. The Way lies before you.

You were created for success. ~ I do not care whether in the past you have achieved a fair measure of health and wealth and contentment, or whether you have been the most abject failure in all your undertakings. You have at this moment within you, either active or latent, every faculty and every re- source needed for the biggest, most satisfying success you can imagine. 

The usual conception seems to be that God, or First Cause, or whatever you prefer to call the originating power and wisdom, created two classes of human beings: thoroughbreds, who were born to win all that they desired; and mongrels, who were predoomed to failure. 

This theory is just as reasonable as one which would account for the apparent inefficiency of a new locomotive by assuming that it had been made purposely defective and wasn't intended to "work." Instead of looking at it in this way, the master mechanic would probably examine the engine and the engineer, with a view to finding whether the machinery needed readjusting or whether the man in charge was not doing his work properly. Suppose that this new engine was not properly fired, for instance; suppose that the wrong kind of coal was used, or that ashes and clinkers were allowed gradually to fill the fire-box.

 Evidently, the engine would not do its work well and would be a " failure " among engines; but all the time it would have in its very mechanism the elements of success and power. You were created for success. You were turned out by a master-builder, and within you is every faculty and every form of ability that you can possibly need for the work you were created to do. 

If you have heretofore considered your- self inefficient or lacking in any way whatever, I am going to ask you to suspend judgment on yourself until you have studied the subject of human adjustment, the science of bringing into activity the latent powers of man, and the possibility of finding and correcting mental and emotional short circuits.

Contents of the book

Foreword -- The secret of mastery -- The divine mind -- How to awaken sleeping power -- The science of receptivity -- How to master habit -- Building a master memory -- The secret of dynamic thinking -- Physical righteousness and physical immortality -- How to build success -- The three planes of healing

the book details :
  • Author: Paul Ellsworth Triem
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: Holyoke, Mass.: Elizabeth Towne Co.

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