Sculpture, Egyptian--Assyrian--Greek--Roman. With numerous illustrations by George Redford (1888)

Sculpture, Egyptian--Assyrian--Greek--Roman. With numerous illustrations, a map of ancient Greece, and a chronological list of ancient sculptors and their works by George  Redford (1888) PDF book

Sculpture, Egyptian--Assyrian--Greek--Roman.

The Study of Antique Sculpture has two principal directions, the Historic or Archaeological, and that on the side of Art. Each view has its own special interest, and both contribute mutually to the elucidation of the general subject; but while the one has a comparatively little direct relation to the cultivation of the fine arts, the other is constantly concerned with artistic practice as well as the principles. 

The great truths which ancient art evolved, and which remain as firmly established as those which science has determined, belong to art, not to archaeology. Feeling this to be so, I have endeavored to lay before the reader the view of an art student, as that which is more directly the intention of this volume. This course seemed not only the one which chiefly concerns the interests of art, and calculated to conduct to the full appreciation of the beautiful in sculpture but, at the same time, the more practical and the more suitable for a short treatise with illustrations.

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