Right and wrong thinking and their results - PDF book by Aaron Martin Crane

Right and wrong thinking and their results 

the undreamed-of possibilities which man may achieve through his own mental control

Right and wrong thinking and their results

From the introduction:
Notwithstanding the immense amount of attention which has been directed in a broad general way To mind and its action, and although the constructive and creative ability of the mind through thinking Has been so long and so universally acknowledged, Yet we are just now beginning to recognize the Close and direct personal relation which thinking Bears to man. 

The limits of the power of the mind Have never been clearly perceived, but recognition Of their extent continually enlarges as knowledge And understanding increase. 

The differences between ignorant and enlightened, Between savage and civilized, between brute and Man, are all due to mind and its action. All the Multifarious customs and habits of mankind, Whether simple or complex, though often attributed To other causes, are, from first to last, the direct I results of thinking. 

The unwritten history of the ' evolution of clothing, from its rude beginnings in The far-distant and forgotten past through all the Ages since man first inhabited the earth, though at First glance seemingly simple, yet, as a whole, is Wonderfully complex and astonishing in its particulars. Its story is only the story of the application of mind to the solution of a single one of the Vast multitude of problems connected with human Requirements. 

It is true that our factories and palaces, our Temples and our homes, are built of earthly material, But mind directed their fashioning into the vast I multitude of forms, more or less beautiful, so lavishly Displayed by architecture in city and country. 

The Multitudinous products of constructive art which Are scattered in lavish profusion over the whole Earth are marvellous exhibitions of what the mind has done, and these are being multiplied daily, All the mechanical triumphs of every age are Products of mental effort. Without these man would Be in the condition of the animals.

 It has been said that he owes his supremacy over the lower Creatures to his ability to construct and use tools, But this also depends entirely on his superior ability To think. The steam engine is one of these tools, And the story of its creation and of the vast amount of Mental effort which has contributed to its evolution Can be written only in its larger parts because of The amount of time that has been expended upon it, 

The magnitude of the work; and the minuteness and Complexity of its details. In the domain of the fine arts more than elsewhere The creations are intimately connected with mental Action and are distinctly marked as products of Mind. Music, vocal and instrumental, the single Singer or the multitude in the chorus.


I. Introduction I
Ii. Relation of thinking to bodily action. 6
Iii. Intended actions 15
Iv. Actions not intended 22
V. A general proposition 33
Vi. As seen by others 35
Vii. Mutual reactions of mind and body . . 51
Viii. Influence of external incidents ... 60
Ix. The rule 66
X. Discordant thoughts . . . . . .78
Xi. How to control thinking .... 97
Xii. Substitution . . . . . . . . 104
Xiii. Immediate action in
Xiv. Persistence 115
Xv. Nor always easy 123
Xvi. Effect of the physical attitude . . . 127
Xvii. All one's own work 132
Xviii destruction of discordant thoughts. .137
Xix. Scylla and Charybdis 144
Xx. Moral discrimination 148
Xxi. A little analysis and its application . . 153
Xxii. Habit 158
Xxiii. The relation of thinking to health. .163
Xxiv. Recapitulation of principles . . . .177
Xxv. The worry habit 186
Xxvi. Business success 196
Xxvii. Undivided attention 202
Xxviii. Importance of early training . . . 208
Xxix. Three notable examples .... 216
Xxx. The penalty for sin 220
Xxxi. A story and its lesson .... 227
Xxxii. The story of a contract .... 236
Xxxiii. The story of a note ..... 241
Xxxiv. A discussion of the stories . . . 244
Xxxv. Sensitiveness 255
Xxxvi. Sympathy 264
Xxxvii. Suggestion 271
Xxxviii. Hypnotic control 284
Xxxix. Environment 291
Xl. Each is responsible for himself . . 301
Xli. Thought control is the true self-control 313
Xlii. Man the architect of himself . . . 319
Xliii. Possibility of perfection .... 328
Xliv. The teaching of Jesus 340
Xlv. A last word 360

The book contains a simple formula to change your life. increase the harmonious thoughts and remove discordant thoughts. the simple fact that may change the course of your life at any age. this book will teach you how to control your mind,

the book details :
  • Author: Aaron Martin Crane 
  • Publication date: 1908
  • Company: Boston, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co.

  • Download  Right and wrong thinking and their results 10.8 MB

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