Phantom - PDF novel by Gerhart Hauptmann

Phantom, a novel by  Gerhart Hauptmann

Phantom, a novel by  Gerhart Hauptmann

Lorenz, is a clerk in a minor government office, an aspiring poet, and a member of a family headed by a worrisome mother who has a tense relationship with a daughter, Melanie, whom the mother believes works as a prostitute.

One day, while Lorenz is walking to work, a woman driving two white horses hits him in the road, knocking him to the ground. Physically, he is unharmed, but from that point forward, the woman in the carriage (named Veronika) consumes his every thought.

Author: Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann was a German dramatist and novelist
Translated by Bayard Quincy Morgan,
Publication date: 1922

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