Phantom, a novel (1922) PDF by Gerhart Hauptmann (Translated to English)

Phantom, a novel  (1923) by  Gerhart Hauptmann (Translated to English) by  Bayard Quincy Morgan, 

Lorenz, is a clerk in a minor government office, an aspiring poet, and a member of a family headed by a worrisome mother who has a tense relationship with a daughter, Melanie, whom the mother believes works as a prostitute.

 One day, while Lorenz is walking to work, a woman driving two white horses hits him in the road, knocking him to the ground. Physically, he is unharmed, but from that point forward, the woman in the carriage (named Veronika) consumes his every thought. His obsession with Veronika costs him his job when he fails to show up for work and threatens his boss for accusing him of stalking her. Believing that his poems are to be published,

 Lorenz asks his Aunt Schwabe— a cutthroat pawnbroker — for money, which he then uses to buy a new suit. Schwabe's assistant, Wigottschinsk, encourages Lorenz to celebrate and they reunite with Lorenz's sister, who becomes Wigottschinski's girlfriend. Unable to contact Veronika, who is wealthy and engaged to someone of her own class, Lorenz instead begins courting a golddigger who looks like Veronika, lavishing her with expensive things, all the while reliving the day he was run over in his mind again and again. In the meantime, Lorenz's mother's health begins to deteriorate due to her worries over her son's and her daughter's actions, and Lorenz's friend Marie and her father learn that Lorenz's poems will not be published after all.

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