Personal reminiscences of Robert Bennet Forbes (1882) PDF book

Personal reminiscences of Robert Bennet Forbes (1882) PDF book

Captain Robert Bennet Forbes (September 18, 1804 – November 23, 1889), was an American sea captain, China merchant and ship owner. He was active in ship construction, maritime safety, the opium trade, and charitable activities, including food aid to Ireland, which became known as America's first major disaster relief effort.


Since publishing the foregoing Reminiscences, it has been suggested that some account of those with whom I have been intimately associated in China, and especially a sketch of the history of Russell & Co., with the tragedies and comedies which are now fast passing away from memorj', may be useful as a record, as well as interesting to many of their and mj' friends, and tliat some further details of political events growing out of the Opium War may be valuable. I have accordingly prepared and added some rambling recollections of old China friends and incidents, together with a few memoranda indicating the changes worked by commerce, electricity, and steam, which I offer for what they may be worth. Boston, Sept. 1, 18S2.

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