Personal reminiscences - PDF book by Robert Bennet Forbes

Personal reminiscences of Robert Bennet Forbes 

Robert Bennet Forbes
Robert Bennet Forbes 

From the introduction:

Since publishing the foregoing Reminiscences, it has been suggested that some account of those with whom I have been intimately associated in China, and especially a sketch of the history of Russell & Co., with the tragedies and comedies which are now fast passing away from memory, may be useful as a record, as well as interesting to many of their and my friends, and tliat some further details of political events growing out of the Opium War may be valuable.

 I have accordingly prepared and added some rambling recollections of old China friends and incidents, together with a few memoranda indicating the changes worked by commerce, electricity, and steam, which I offer for what they may be worth. Boston, Sept. 1, 18S2.

Some contents:

Genealogical — Early Childhood — My First Voyage — Captured
— At School in France — A Sea Fight — Captured Again —
Rough Weather at Sea — Capture the Third — Home Again
— School Life 1
Starting Out in Life — Why I Went to Sea — Before the Mast —
Life on the "Canton Packet" — Beginning of an Epoch — A
Man Lost — The Voyage Home — Off to Sea Again — My
Second Voyage to China 27
The " Canton Packet " Aground — Tempted to Stay in China —
To Falmouth and Hamburg — Mercantile Experiences —
In London — A Mutiny — A Small Rebellion — Appointed
Third Mate 63
Family Matters — To Rotterdam and Back — Offered and Re-
fuse Place of Chief Mate — A Storm — A Question of Dignity — Captain of the " Levant" — Death of My Father —
A Voyage to China — A Funeral at Sea 72
Transferred to the Brig " Nile '' — An Escape from Pirates — A
Review of my Position — To the Sandwich Islands — A
Narrow Escape — California in 1825 — Throwing the Lasso
— Illicit Trade — Fight with a Devil Fish — Almost a Duel
— A Boat Race 88
From China to Buenos Ayres — The Blockade — A Long Detention— A Knowing Skipper — Arrival at Boston — A Voyage to Smyrna — Appointed to a New Ship — Loss of Thomas Forbes 
New Plans — Sail for China — In Command at Lintin Station —
Become a Merchant — A Bad Investment — Incidents of
the Crisis of 1837 — To China Again — Chief of the House
of Russell & Co. — Crisis in the Opium Trade — A Lively
Season '
In Command of the "Niantic," Homeward Bound — Effect of Destruction of Opium — A Tedious Voyage and a Happy Return — A Trip lo Europe — Ship-Building — Changes in
China — Paul S. Forbes — Review of My Career — My Last
Voyage to China — A Collision at Sea 155

Captain Robert Bennet Forbes (September 18, 1804 – November 23, 1889), was an American sea captain, China merchant and shipowner. He was active in ship construction, maritime safety, the opium trade, and charitable activities, including food aid to Ireland, which became known as America's first major disaster relief effort.

the book details :
  • Author: Robert Bennet Forbes
  • Publication date: 1883
  • Company:Boston: Little, Brown and Co.

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