Natural history sketches among the carnivora, wild and domesticated,(1885) by Arthur Nicols

Natural history sketches among the Carnivora, wild and domesticated, with observations on their habits and mental faculties PDF book

Excerpt from the book's introduction:
The favourable reception accorded, both by the Press and tbe Public, to my former volume — " Zoological Notes" — 

emboldens me to bope that the present book may also be acceptable to that large class of cultivated readers who take more than a passing and superficial interest in Natural History. My grateful acknowledgments must be expressed to those distinguished Naturalists, travellers, artists, and competent observers who have responded to my inquiries on special points, and have furnished me with numerous valuable facts and incidents.

 I am indebted also to the correspondence columns of the Meld, Nature, and other leading scientific periodicals for illustrations of the life and habits of the Camivora, both in the wild and domesticated condition; while I must be held personally responsible for extensive extracts from my own note books and memoranda (made whilst every incident and observation recorded was fresh in my memory) extending over a period of twenty-five years.

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