The wolf-leader- -PDF Novel by Alexandre Dumas

The wolf-leader, Novel by Alexandre Dumas

The wolf-leader, Novel by Alexandre Duma

It is a delightful peek into rural life during the Renaissance, filled with adventure, romance, challenges, and duels between the characters. On the next level as a moral story, about good and evil, a lesson for the simpletons to be good, and that evil (even in thought) is rightfully punished. 

Yet on a deeper level, it is a story based on strong esoteric foundations with the hero undergoing a struggle to better himself and his lot in life, the failures that redouble his determination to succeed, and the sense that the path of struggle has no end. Deeper still, the story operates on an archetypal level as the journey of a young man undergoing a right of passage. Becoming a shaman, a magician, metaphorically assuming Wolf-Shape.

 A true Shaman who the peasants fear, the powerful must respect (albeit as an enemy), and who wields his will itself as a weapon. Perhaps deepest of all 'The Wolf-Leader' reflects the beauty of nature, the pettiness of human endeavours, our paradoxical power/powerlessness over our lives, and the inevitability of death.

Review by James 
Well, what a real joy this book was. This story revolves around the character Thibault and his deal made with a Werewolf. In part, it is a great story and parable of how great intentions turn into greed, power and lust.

the book details :
  • Author:Alexandre Dumas
  • Publication date: 1904
  • Company:London: Methuen

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