The master revenge - PDF Novel by H. A. Cody

The master revenge

The master revenge
The master revenge

From the introduction:
“There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.”— H. W. Shaw 

“Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye revenge not evil.” 
—The Master

the sun was hanging low over the far-off western horizon. Not a breath of wind stirred the quivering air, and the mirror-like river reflected the trees along the shore. 

The birds chirped and twittered, and the drowsy hum of insects sounded on all sides. There was a restful peace on water and land. Nature was in her gentlest mood, and harmony reigned supreme. A man standing beneath the wide-spreading branches of a great patriarchal oak surveyed the entrancing scene with kindling eyes. 

He was a powerfully-built man, clad in rough work-a-day clothes. He presented a striking appearance as he stood there, his flowing beard and mass of iron-grey hair enhancing the effect. He leaned slightly upon an axe with which he had been chopping, while at his feet lay a newly cut piece of ground-ash. But his mind had wandered from his work, and, like a thirsty man, he was drinking into his soul the beauty surrounding him. “And for twelve years I missed all that,” he at length murmured. “Twelve years!” His right hand clutched hard the butt of his axe handle, and an angry expression crept into his eyes. 

For a few seconds, the memory of the past had blotted out the joy of the present. He believed that he had steeled his heart to forget forever the degrading bondage of those twelve years. But now he knew that he had not fully succeeded. The iron had gone too far into his soul to be healed by a few months of freedom. The sound of children’s voices aroused him, and turning quickly around toward the river, he saw a small boat coming upstream quite close to the shore. 

A woman was rowing and seated astern were two small children. Not wishing to be seen, the man stepped aside into a thicket of bushes to wait until the boat should pass. This did not take long, and as it cut through the water just abreast of the big oak, the hidden man gave a great start, and only with difficulty suppressed an exclamation of astonishment. He had caught sight of the woman’s face and heard her speak to the children.

1 Silent Expression. 1
2 Mutual Need.21
3 An Accident.
4 Comrades in Distress.39
5 Repairing the Fence.49
6 A Broken Shaft.36
7 Through the Window.66
8 A Startling Confession.74
9 The Struggle.84
10 The Fugitive .92
11 Restitution.
12 The Flight.
13 Behind Prison Bars.122
14 Stern Terms.129
15 A Helping Hand ..142
16 Stricken Down.133
17 A Star and a Toad.161
18 Inspiration.x68
19 The Night Visitor.176
20 A Desperate Attempt.185
21 Repairing Things.194
22 When the Bell Rang.203
23 Destruction.211
24 Where Flows the Brook.220
25 For the Sake of a Child.229
26 The Vision.239
27 What the World Needs.249
28 Face to Face.258
29 As a Man Soweth.267
30 The Completed Revenge.278
31 After Long Years.289

the book details :
  • Author: Hiram Alfred Cody
  • Publication date: 1924
  • Company: New York, George H. Doran company

  • Download 15.3   MB

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