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The business guide; or, Safe methods of business

The business guide;

The purpose of this book is embraced in its title. The Business Guide, or Safe Methods of Business. The necessity of having a book comprising the practical in business, including forms, points of law, hints and helps in transacting business successfully, together with the most useful tables for rapid computation or for. reference was forcibly im- pressed upon the mind of the author while acting as principal of a Business College, in which he had ample opportunity to study the needs of our young men before entering the active business world. 

After mature thought his purpose to relieve the felt want of business circles and individuals, in general, took shape in the first edition of the Business Guide. That the public has appreciated his efforts is seen in results better than told in words.

 The many succeeding editions, the large sales, and the interest of the public clearly show that this volume is filling a place that no other fills. Although the author has finished his labours and has passed to his reward, yet Nichols' Business Guide is having an ever-increasing educative influence among the masses. Twenty Years have passed since the first edition was published.

 These have been years of intense activity and of great progress in all lines. Notwithstanding the success that has attended this volume, our constant effort is to keep it an all-around up-to-date book, a book every item of which can be re- lied upon as correct. This edition has been rearranged and revised and printed nom an entirely new set of plates. 

We are determined that the Business Guide shall continue to be the leading book on practical business. The advice and assistance of able and competent specialists in different lines of business have greatly aided us in making improvements and in giving accurate and at the same time boiled down statements. All the best and recent volumes on business have been consulted and valuable suggestions are taken therefrom. Much of the book has been rewritten, while every part and line has passed under the scrutinizing eye of the critic. 

All commercial and legal forms are of the very latest. Great pains have been taken to make all illustrations apt and instructive. We are free to say without fear of contradiction that this is decidedly the best book in the market for the money. 

The Business Guide is adapted to all classes, not to a certain profession or class of men, but to all who are called upon to do business. And whom does this not include? 
With the recognition that real merit and true excellence must be depended upon for success, and with the confidence of an appreciation of diligent, painstaking labour and research, this revised edition is sent forth to the millions who may thereby be led to do the right ihing, at the right time, in the right place and thus turn defeat, failure, loss of reputation, property, or home into intelligent actions, profitable investments, pleasant homes and prosperous, happy and successful lives.

Some contents of the book:

Business Man's Code
Business Energy Push 15
How Success Is Won 16
A Business Education 18
Business a Profession 20
Poor Boys and Famous Men 21
Opinions of Successful Men 23
Safe Principles and Rules 25
Good Business Maxims 26
Genius, Capital, Skill and Labor 27
Business Failures 28
Business Manners 3 1
Business Qualifications 32
Talent Will Purpose 33
Spelling and Rules of Spelling 3)
Capitals, Use of 38
Punctuation 39
Common Faults in Writing and Speaking 42
Resolutions and Petitions 43-44
Importance of Good Writing 47
Rules for Writing 48
Principles of Penmanship 49
Business Alphabets, Forms and Models 5
Vertical Writing 55
Ornamental Penmanship 57
Marking Alphabets 62
German Alphabet 63
Deaf and Dumb Alphabet 64
Shorthand 65
Letter Writing, Kinds of Letters 69
How to Begin a Letter and Models for Beginning 70
How to Improve Your Penmanship in Letter Writing. . . 72
The Body of the Letter, the Superscription, and Models
for Closing 73
Commercial Correspondence 75
Titles Used in the United States 77
Postal Card, How to Write 77
Business Letters and Forms 78
Letters of Application, with Forms 82
Notes of Invitations, with Models 84
Letters of Introduction and Apology, with Forms 88, 08
Letters of Recommendation, with Forms 89
Letters of Congratulation, with Forms 91
Letters of Sympathy and Condolence, with Forms.... 92
Letters of Friendship, with Forms 93
Resolutions, How to Write 95
Visiting and Address Cards 96
Helpful Hints to Correspondence 97
Commercial Forms.
Notes, Fifty Facts and Principles 101
Notes, Writing 101
Notes, Transferring: 102
Notes, Collecting i ' 103
Notes, Paying 104
Notes, Payment Defeated 104
Notes, Different Forms of 106
Notes, Indorsement of, and Forms of Indorsement.... no

the book details :
  • Author: James Lawrence Nichols
  • Publication date: 1907
  • Company: Naperville, Ill. : J. L. Nichols & Co

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