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Easy lessons on reasoning

The subject treated of in the following pages is one which has not usually been introduced into the course of elementary studies for young persons of all classes. It is supposed by some, that the difference between a better and a worse reasoner depends either wholly on natural ability, or on that combined with practice, or on each man's greater or less proficiency in the subjects he is treating of. And 'others again consider a systematic study of the principles of Reasoning as suitable only to a few persons of rare endowments, and of a peculiar turn of mind; and to those only in an advanced stage of their education.

That this branch of study is requisite for all, and is attainable by all, and presents not, necessarily, any greater difficulties than the rudiments of Arithmetic, Geometry, and Grammar, all this cannot be so well evinced in any other way as by experiment. If the perusal of these Lessons, or of the half of them, fail to satisfy on this point any tolerably attentive reader, it is not likely he would be convinced by any distinct argument to the same effect that could be offered.

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