Theodore savage PDF novel by Cicely Mary Hamilton

Theodore savage: a story of the past or the future

Theodore savage
Theodore savage

Review by Richard
A short engaging read from the newly minted "Radium Age" of science fiction, Theodore Savage is packed with ideas and visibly wears its scars from the recently completed Great War. As a future post-apocalypse imagined in the 1920s, 

The book is both a mirror and a window - reflecting the author's disgust with the recently introduced technological horrors of WWI and offering a glimpse into their devastating use against civilian populations in future conflicts. 

In a future world war, weapons of mass destruction are used not so much against other armies but directly against civilian populations and infrastructure with the goal of destroying a country's ability to fight but with a byproduct of destroying society itself - it definitely echos recent and current conflicts. 

The story also hints at the Cold War concept of mutually assured destruction, and of Gaia theory as Hamilton speculates about the earth seeking balance.

the book details :
  • Author: Cicely Mary Hamilton was an English author and she founded the Women Writers' Suffrage League.
  • Publication date: 1922
  • Company:London: Leonard Parsons

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