Theodore savage : a story of the past or the future by Cicely Mary Hamilton

Theodore savage: a story of the past or the future by Cicely Mary Hamilton  Free PDF novel (1922)

Theodore savage

a Very interesting novel. Can't really judge it as a work of literature and not as a historical artifact. It's nice to read a book about an alternative, apocalyptic ending to WWI, written by someone who actually lived in WWI, with the same ideas, education, and values of the world of WWI. The book put me in mind of Hobbes's "Leviathan" in the way it describes the rise of (primitive) human society out of the basic needs, desires, and fears of the lone savage. And how close we are to the primitive state
Review by Dror Bedrack

an important rediscovery in early-twentieth-century war fiction. Its dystopian speculative fiction if you want to place it in a genre but it is based on Hamilton's experiences as an actress with the YMCA performing near the front lines of WWI. An indictment of modernity,

Considering everything happening in the world today, it's themes and condemnation remain as important today as they were in 1922. More people need to read and talk about this novel.

review by Fred

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