The Control Of The Mind (1927) by Robert H. Thouless

The Control Of The Mind (1927) by Robert H. Thouless PDF book

The Control Of The Mind

The object of Hodder and Stoughton's People’s Library is to supply in brief form simply written introductions to the study of History, Literature, Biography, and Science; to some degree to satisfy that ever-increasing demand for knowledge which is one of the happiest characteristics of our time. The names of the authors of the first volumes of the Library are sufficient evidence of the fact that each subject will be dealt with authoritatively, while the authority will not be of the “ dry-as-dust ’’ order.

Not only is it possible to have learned without tears, but it is also possible to make the acquiring of know¬ ledge a thrilling and entertaining adventure. Hodder and Stoughton’s People’s Library will, it is hoped, supply this adventure.

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